Management Service

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Full Management

Guardian typically provides a facility administrator and a custom team of experienced senior care provider industry consultants that provide onsite observation, training, and education for facility staff with reporting to all levels of ownership to help identify and track improvements in care and operations for your facility on a monthly basis. This team usually includes an industry leader in operations/administration, an experienced clinical consultant, a proficient admissions/marketing and sales leads consultant, and a business office/financial consultant. This team provides services that also include annual mock surveys, routine audits, assistance through annual surveys, assistance with post-survey plans of corrections, and more.


Consulting Services

Alternative solutions for more intermittent Consulting services are also available with a customized approach. If your facility is seeking assistance for any service we provide, we are pleased to assist. Popular topics for Consulting include Mock Surveys, Collections/Accounts Receivable analyses, comprehensive analyses, MDS Support consulting, ongoing clinical only support, census development consulting, and many, many other options.
Guardian Healthcare Management services has experience with alternative ownership structures, privatization of governmental facilities, non-profit structures, refinancing solutions, assistance through transitions, as well as new construction or renovation consulting.


Ancillary Services

Along with all of these services also opens the door to our “One-Stop Shop” for our ancillary services that are a terrific fit to our management services. Guardian Healthcare can provide Pharmacy, Rehabilitation, Staffing Agency, Nurse Practitioner, Transportation Services, Home Health, Home Care, and Business Office Services for our Managed or Consulting clients. The convenience of one point of contact for all of these coordinated services can be extremely beneficial.

Fitting this all together today into successful post-acute care for your residents is one of the keys to our services. The ability to provide great short-term care, meeting goals sooner than in the past while allowing our home health and therapy to continue the success in the home can be the pathway that sets you apart from other providers. It is much easier to ensure the 60-90 day re-hospitalization statistics are managed when the same provider can be involved from day one.

Beyond these facts, this new world of post-acute care results in residents being shuffled between multiple providers, which can lose some in the process. Keeping in contact with your residents in between skilled care, using personal care/assisted living as a transition, staying in touch with home health and therapy in the home is essential to keep your residents within your system of care. This relationship better ensures that the next time they may need skilled care, they are more likely to stay within your system. Guardian Healthcare can bring you that system.

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