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OnGuard is a system of six core values enacted by our company founders purposed to provide employees with a meaningful and sustainable culture. Comprised of six core values, the employee culture serves to not only highlight key principles of the company itself but also to demonstrate a commitment to quality via relatable means.

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Honesty: a commitment to being transparent and forthright with those we serve.

Respect: the pledge to treat our customers with discretion and humanity.

Compassion: to constantly utilize kindness with quality.

Dedication: to provide quality in all environments.

Unity: to stand together as a team and with those we serve.

Accountability: to recognize ways to improve and embrace change.



At Guardian, we strive to create a positive employee environment and experience to increase their engagement, overall retention, and quality of our delivery of service to others. The employee experience thus can be reflected in the outcomes of those we serve. We have established a foundational understanding of employee engagement with OnGuard, a set of values on which employee culture is based. The importance of each and every employee is paramount, allowing employees to collaborate more easily and effectively.

The engagement of our employees ensures their commitment to our organizational goals and values, motivation to succeed at delivery of care to others, and also enhances their own wellbeing. The positive correlation between employee engagement and business strategy affirms the importance of accountability and united efforts to act as a team; by holding each other accountable, each team member can commit to working together in order to achieve engagement goals. We believe that the experiences of our patients, residents, and families are inextricably linked to employee engagement.


Guardian establishes a fundamental understanding of employee engagement: Our team implements a transformational model of engagement by our current culture.


Clarify roles and responsibilities: A strong culture starts with the leadership team. Organization and facility community leaders and department managers must collaboratively work together to lead the way.


We utilize engagement goals and metrics: A tangible target for our engagements efforts enables our teams to align their efforts with our facility/community engagement strategies.


Establish a unified effort: Great teams are comprised of team members who hold each other accountable. Each team member commits to collaboratively working together to achieve engagement goals.

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