Guardian Foundation

The mission of the Guardian Foundation is to lend assistance to our employees and neighbors during times of unexpected financial need such as from natural disaster, severe illness, death in the family, or situations involving domestic violence.

The Guardian Foundation is a non-profit with all monies donated used for employees and neighbors in need. Please consider donating directly or through our various fundraising efforts throughout the year.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Guardian Foundation

Guardian Healthcare was founded on family values and, like family, we take care of our own. The Foundation was formed to assist our families and communities in times of need.

• The Guardian Foundation provides assistance during hardship from:
Natural Disaster – Fire, Flood, Tornado, Hurricane
Severe Illness of a household member
Death of an immediate family member
Domestic Violence

• Monies are awarded up to $2,500.00.

• Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis by a committee of Guardian employees (Separate from Guardian Foundation’s Board of Directors).

• Employees are permitted to apply for assistance on an annual basis.

• Our ability to help others is based solely on our ability to fundraise and your generosity.

• One time gifts and automatic payroll deductions are available!!!

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